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Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky


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I am a potter and sculptor (both), and my work often combines the two.  My functional pottery forms serve to ‘round out’ the rather large inventory of pottery Michael makes perhaps bringing a playful touch to the collective body as a whole. I use slip trailing, sgraffito carving, and wax resist emulating folk-art patterns of my Scandinavian heritage. I also enjoy making commemorative pieces, custom designed for special occasions.  Sculpture for me provides a doorway to my creative expression, an indulgence I allow myself in search of my voice as an artist.  My forms are both animal and human. Sometimes they are polymorphic, sometimes mythical. My sculpture can be used on the table top or wall, in the home or garden.

just b

Ruth carving Prayer Ball.jpg

In 2018 I began building my ‘just-b’ brand.  Using sgraffito carving in addition to the above techniques, I enjoy embellishing my wares with symbolic design compositions that often have titles. I hope to encourage the viewer to contemplate present moment perception. ‘Just-b-‘ sits apart from Rutkowsky Pottery and bears the ‘just-b-‘ inscription on the back side of each piece.